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                                        -Charlie Munger

Learn the Art of Creating Sustainable Fortunes By Not Loosing, Through Strategic Alpha Framework, After All, Penny Saved Is Penny Earned. 

                                        -Suyog Dhavan

Dhani Services- A Techno Momentum Trade

Dhani Services- A Techno Momentum Trade

Dhani has created a trend change upward breakout on daily charts, trend change level being 229, pattern failure level is at 198, Let's see where the trend takes us too, near resistance on the charts are placed around 370 odd. A big thanks to our Mentee- Mr. Nilesh...

Aur Kitna Niche Jayega – No Stock is Safe

Aur Kitna Niche Jayega – No Stock is Safe

Many investors underestimate the extent to which a stock can fall. Let's take the example of the real estate company Unitech. The stock was trading at Rs 520 in January 2008. In January 2013, the stock was at Rs 40. Looking at the fact that the stock crashed by more...

TechnoValue Investing Strategy – Live Webinar!

TechnoValue Investing Strategy – Live Webinar!

Have you been in Stock Markets for a long time, Still haven’t made any big money because of Behavioral Biases? Does The Stock You Own Less In Qty, Has Become A Big Multibagger? Are You Missing Out On Money Making Opportunities Because Of Lack Of Focus? It’s...

5 Important Traits To Have As An Investor

5 Important Traits To Have As An Investor

It is not enough for investors to just analyze stocks well. There are certain key traits that investors need to have to be successful in stock markets. All good investors such as Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Mohnish Pabrai, etc have certain key traits which have made...

Some Things To Learn From Peter Lynch!

Some Things To Learn From Peter Lynch!

Peter Lynch has been one of the most successful investors in America. He was the manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments between 1977 and 1990. During this period, he delivered stunning annualized returns of around 29%. In these 13 years, Peter Lynch was...

Never Miss A Bear Market In Your Life!!!

Never Miss A Bear Market In Your Life!!!

What is a bear market?  Bear markets are markets where the prices of shares fall – in many cases, quite sharply. There is widespread negative sentiment in a bear market.  Markets tend to follow a cyclical pattern. Bull markets, where the prices of shares rise, are...

What is the Lollapalooza Effect?

What is the Lollapalooza Effect?

There are many extreme events in the world. These events can be explained with the help of the Lollapalooza outcome. Everyone defines the Lollapalooza effect differently. Charlie Munger, a renowned American investor, defines the Lollapalooza effect as ‘The most...

Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything!

Hello Strategic Alpha Tribe, I am taking one super special webinar session only for Strategic Alpha Blog Readers. This is going to be the session where you can ask me anything regarding stock markets.  I will be answering all your questions and clearing all the...

PowerGrid – A TechnoValue Trade

PowerGrid – A TechnoValue Trade

Dear StrategicAlpha Tribe Member, Recently I Posted about BSE Power Index Gave a Breakout on Weekly and Monthly Charts Suggesting good Days/Weeks ahead for Power Stocks. If you have not read my blog on Power Index Breakout You can Read it Here:...

Firstsource Solutions – A TechnoValue Trade

Firstsource Solutions – A TechnoValue Trade

Dear StrategicAlpha Community Member, First Source Solutions has Recently Broken out and Created an Upflag Breakout Chart Follows: First Source Solutions was Consolidating for the past 80 days after trading in Uncharted Territory. Recently 3 Days Back It Broke out...

Interesting  Charts

Interesting Charts

Hello Strategicalpha Tribe, In today's Interesting charts segment, I will be posting two promising stocks that are on my fundamental and value radar. I have been tracking the business of Sterling and Wilson Solar for the past 6 months now, As you know that I am...

Some Interesting Charts

Some Interesting Charts

HimatSingka Seide- A Deep Value StockMy Take:- Himatsingka Seide which has a high debt to Equity, Commonly thrown out by many Analysts to its high debt levels, however during upcycle in Business, a stock that has a high debt to equity benefits the most. Deleveraging...

StrategicAlpha – Update

StrategicAlpha – Update

I am writing this blog to tell you that we are moving our email subscribers list to a new opt-in email list. I request you to join our new list by subscribing to the form given below Or you can just subscribe using the form given on the top right corner of the...

Repco Home Finance- A TechnoValue Opportunity

Repco Home Finance- A TechnoValue Opportunity

Dear Community Members, I have been following Repco Home Finance business from past 5 Years now, and reluctant to touch it as Finance is not my circle of competence. However, The technical Pattern reversal which it has created and looking at the concall highlights it...

Value Lies Deep

Value Lies Deep

Deep Value Investing Deep Value Investing is like paying for the tip and buying the iceberg, an investment strategy that asserts choosing stocks that are cheap and offer great value because not everyone understands investing where the focus is on buying stocks at a...

Our Portfolio- Vision 2025

Our Portfolio- Vision 2025

Dear Tribe Members, I am pleased to share the stocks that we bought as per the Vision 2025 Blog that I posted here earlier. Link Below:- Snapshot of our...

NALCO- A High Potential ValueBagger CMP 35

National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) is a Navratna CPSE under the Ministry of Mines. }It was established on 7th January 1981,integrated and diversified operations in mining, metal, and power. }The Company registered a record net profit of Rs 1732 crore in...

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Aluminum Ready for a Big Bull Run?? At least Charts and Global Liquidity Chase is Saying that!

Value Lies Deep

Circle of Competence- A Mental Model To Avoid Disasters In Investing

Bull market leaders create a fortune, Why there is a strong case for old economy stocks to be upcoming bull market leaders?

Alufluoride Ltd (ALUF)

Blog Date:  18/05/2018             

Blog Price: 103

High Date:  10/01/2021             

High Price: 424.73

% Up:  311

Butterfly Gandhimathi

Blog Date:  18/08/2018             

Blog Price: 137

High Date:  09/05/2021             

High Price: 675

% Up: 392.700%

Pondy Oxides And Chemicals

Blog Date:  04/08/2020         

Blog Price: 172

High Date:  21/06/2020              

High Price: 302

% Up: 75.58

Marksans Pharma Ltd

Blog Date:  27/05/2020          

Blog Price: 21

High Date:  02/05/2021            

High Price: 74.18

% Up: 252


Blog Date:  17/06/2020

Blog Price: 34.4

High Date:  11/08/2020              

High Price: 62

% Up: 80.23

Shankara Building Products

Blog Date:  10/06/2020

Blog Price: 295

High Date:  28/02/2021             

High Price: 465

% Up: 57.62

Advanced Enzyme Technologies

Blog Date:  15/06/2020

Blog Price: 166

High Date:  09/05/2021           

High Price: 456.55

% Up: 174.69%

Sandur Manganese and Iron Ores

Blog Date:  10/08/2020

Blog Price: 639

High Date:  06/01/2021             

High Price: 1565.50

% Up: 144%

Swaraj Engines Ltd.

Blog Date:  19/06/2020

Blog Price: 1424

High Date:  08/09/2020              

High Price: 1680

% Up: 17.97%

Balaji Telefilms Ltd

Blog Date:  16/06/2020

Blog Price: 68.5

High Date:  07/08/2020              

High Price: 99

% Up: 44.52%

The Ramco Cements Ltd

Blog Date:  27/05/2020

Blog Price: 614

High Date:  04/04/2021            

High Price: 1078

% Up: 75.57

Unitech Ltd.

Blog Date:  20/01/2020

Blog Price: 1.3

High Date:  25/02/2020              

High Price: 3.0

% Up: 130%

Maithan Alloys Ltd

Blog Date:  23/05/2020

Blog Price: 554.80

High Date:  12/01/2021           

High Price: 792.44

% Up: 42.96

Rain Industries Ltd.

Blog Date:  12/12/2019

Blog Price: 92

High Date:  02/03/2021           

High Price: 180

% Up: 95.65


Blog Date:  08/06/2020

Blog Price: 33.40

Webinar Price: 22

High Date:  02/05/2021           

High Price: 144

% Up: 554


Blog Date:  27/10/2019

Blog Price: 35

High Date:  07/01/2021           

High Price: 48.10

% Up: 37.14%

IDFC First Bank Ltd.

Blog Date:  26/05/2019

Blog Price: 18.85

High Date:  28/02/2021           

High Price: 66.99

% Up: 266

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