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December 29, 2021


Strategic Alpha

Dear Strategic Alpha Tribe,

I will be taking a live 2 Hour Session in association with ElearnMarkets. This webinar will focus on How to Spot Turnaround Stocks( Fundamentals+Technicals+Value+Trigger Approach).

These are stocks of companies that have gone through a phase of weak financial performance and share prices have been beaten down. The idea is to find companies that are likely to identify issues that lead to weak performance and change their business strategy to become profitable again. These are potential fatalities and if an investor is able to see that the company can survive after a clean assessment, these can create fortunes.

Turnarounds are perhaps best described as the ultimate contrarian play since they’re a bet on a company most others don’t believe in. One has to apply second-order thinking when picking turnaround stocks- Read more here

Second Level Thinking

One of the most successful turnaround investors over the years has been Peter Lynch, He believes such plays have the potential to become a “10 bagger”.

The objective of the Webinar: To provide a template for finding turnaround stocks by understanding past case studies.

Mr. Suyog Dhavan is the Founder of Strategic Alpha Wealth- A Premier Stock Market Mentorship Firm. He has been a Full-time Investor and Trader for the past 14 years. Went Bankrupt at the age of 25, Survived, and made a Smart Comeback- All Credit goes to his Perseverance, Passion, and Determination towards Stock Markets.

To Read More about the Speaker:-


1)How to Find Opportunities Like- Heads, I Win Super Big, Tails- I lose small
2)How does turnaround happen
3)Not All Turnaround Candidates will make money, Turnaround seldom happens, How to stay focused and find the right turnaround candidate for investment.
4)How to Make Most of The Turnaround to Make Super Normal Profits-Pyramiding Concept
5)When to Enter/ Exit a Turnaround Stock.

To Register: Click Here

Can’t wait to see you in the webinar!

Happy Learning!!!
Happy Investing!!!
Suyog Dhavan

The author of the blog Mr.Suyog Dhavan is a Full-time Investor / Value Trader and Value investing/Trading Mentor. His style of Investing is inspired by Mohnish Pabrai, Peter Lynch, and Porinju Veliath. He is the founder of Strategic Alpha Wealth, A Premier stock market mentorship firm with a mission to touch the lives of 1Lakh people through its mentorship program.



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