Bhansali Engineering- Nearing Rounding Bottom Breakout, A Potential TechnoFunda

November 13, 2020


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Bhansali Engineering Polymers Limited (BEPL) is one of the two leading Petrochemical Company in India involved in the manufacturing of ABS & SAN. BEPL is a vertically integrated petrochemical company that Manufactures ABS which acts as a raw material for leading companies dealing in Automobiles, Home Appliances, Telecommunications, Luggage, Bus Body and various other multifaceted applications. The Company, with a view to expand its footprint in ABS Market, acquired two units of competitors viz. Polychem, Baroda & Rajasthan Polymers Resins Ltd (RPRL), Abu Road in the year 1999 & 2003 respectively and consolidated its entire ABS Production activities in Abu Road, Rajasthan and HRG at Satnoor, Madhya Pradesh.

BEPL’s ambitious mid-to-long term strategy concentrates on strengthening its vertically integrated business structure all across. BEPL has plans to further strengthen its foothold and position itself as a major player in main growing markets of ABS across the globe. This will be realized through strengthening and synergizing the marketing abilities of company and raising the quality of products and cost competitiveness by dint of enhanced research and development activities through In-House State of the Art R&D Center being established at Abu Road with the technical support of Nippon A&L, INC, Japan; with which company has already entered into Technical Assistance Agreement.


Demand for ABS in the domestic as well as global markets is increasing rapidly embedded with  massive growth opportunities in the major user segments. To also keep pace with the growing demand, the installed production capacity of company has been enhanced from 51000 TPA to 80,000 TPA in March-2016 and company is further embarking upon the production capacity expansion programme upto 1,37,000 TPA by 31st December, 2018 at the existing facility at Abu Road.

The Company have also entered into Joint Venture agreement with Nippon A & L Inc, Japan in  May – 2013  and got incorporated a new entity viz. Bhansali Nippon A&L Pvt Limited in India to obtain  their technical support and sales support in specialized grade products of ABS, ASA & AES resins etc which has commenced giving good operational results.

The Company is also planning for establishing a new port based plant with minimum capacity of 2,00,000 TPA Per annum, likely to be achieved by 31.03.2022 which if materialized; will give the Company a good edge over ABS Imports and competitor(s) etc. and will boost the market share of company substantially.

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  1. Debt Free Company
  2. Niche Business
  3. Growing OPM, Initial Signs of Sustenance
  4. Company is on Growth Mode looking at their Expansion Plans to be completed by 2022.

Negatives/ Risks:-

  1. Adverse Crude Prices can Affect Profitability.
  2. Fortunes of this company are closely related to Auto Industry. Auto Slowdown will affect the profitability of this company

Technical View:-

Bhansali Engineering has Created a Upflag Breakout on Daily Charts,
Upsides are Open till 145 as per the pattern.

However on Weekly Charts, It will Confirm Rounding Bottom Breakout above 100 on a weekly Close, Potential Upsides can be 175-190 Around.
View gets Negated Closing Below 87

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